If you hire a typical document filing company, this is what you get:
  • They offer low prices on their face….for minimal services
  • They can help file the application, but after that you are basically on your own
  • If you want to “upgrade” to services that are actually useful, it will cost you much more than their initially advertised "low price" 
  • The final price, if you choose the responsible services, is typically as much or more than Lee, Lee & Associates, for fewer services, and no attorney expertise or consultation.
  • They cannot offer you legal advice. So, even when you pay for their “Gold” package, and get the intensive search, etc., they cannot tell you what it means or what is or is not relevant to your situation.

If you hire a typical Intellectual Property law firm, this is what you get:

  • They handle the entire spectrum of intellectual property, including patents and copyrights.
  • Trademarks are just a small portion of what they do
  • They tend to charge patent prices $$$ for trademark work
  • They want you to pay them just to get an opinion
  • They usually work on an hourly basis, which means you pay for every email, phone call, status check, etc.
  • If they agree to a flat fee for your current problem, they will make sure to charge you again if anything new comes up

This is why you should choose Lee, Lee & Associates:

  • We are a law firm that ONLY handles trademark law
  • You get a law firm's complete range of services, not just a document filing company's "front end" services
  • You get trademark prices, not patent prices
  • You get an opinion… for free...imagine that
  • We offer flat fees for all procedural issues.
  • Flat means flat. No extra fees for emails, phone calls, or other procedural actions that may arise
  • We only recommend you hire us if we are confident we can help you register your mark.  If your situation is hopeless, we simply tell you not to waste your time or money.  Sounds too good to be true, right?


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Trademark Already Registered?
Lee, Lee & Associates is a trademark law firm. Our attorneys give the highest trademark service value per dollar. We handle our work professionally so you can get back to yours. We can help you with any of the concerns listed above. Most of our value intensive services are offered for a fair flat fee.
Some situations may require a retainer.

Take a look around, if you have a trademark need, we have a service for you.